Weekly DongDaeMun

Dong Dae Mun night time market environment UX solution
UX, System, GUI
Korea University | 2013
Role: Team Leader

Weekly DDM provides better experience for users at wholesale market by aiding in organising purchased list, keeping track of priorities, finding the way back to the store, and identifying their bag.

Design process film


Dong Dae Mun (DDM), the largest fashion market in Seoul, is the only place on earth where over 60 thousand retail and sales markets are clustered with in 5km. Every night, more than 150,000 people from all over the country crowd in this area to transact wholesale. DDM has fixed into its own culture and ecosystem, where there lies critical problems that needs improvement.


Every night at DDM is the most frenzy time of the day, with thousands of people and plastic bags trying to find its way. These eople buy clothes in heavy bulk and transport the packages by themselves. The unorganized methods of transporting, keeping and identifying their own package is always leads to confusion. While a customers roam around in clustered shops to pick up ordered items, they leave their heavy baggage somewhere they can remember, often with a scribbled note. Some of these bags are tossed around by busy people, and even invade the road. Moreover, customers are unable to know the arrival time of ordered packages, and aimlessly until it arrives. This overall inefficiency of time and system was the main problem that we aimed to solve.

User Interview

Shadow tracking

User Journey map


Persona Journey map & pain points

Affinity diagram

Solution Definition

Design solution

User scenario

Service screen

Team: Yeona Choi, Hojin Jung
Advisor: Prof. Seunghun Yoo
Design Methodology | 2013
Industrial & Information Design | Korea University