Smart Bookshelf

An interactive bookshelf that
recommends books and shows location
Product, App Design & Prototyping
Korea University | 2014
Role: Team leader

At the library, it is often struggling to find the book you are looking among shelves and shelves of books. What if the bookshelf shows the location of the book you are looking for? What if the bookshelf recommends other books based on the books you've read?

The smart bookshelf recommends books based on the books you've read and shows you where they are.

Prototype Simulation Video


User Scenario

System Architecture

The bookshelf is connected to the complementary app via Bluetooth. A user can search for a specific book, search by genre or author. When the user approaches, the shelf lights LED in the locations of searched books.

Prototype Production

Creating Arduino circuit, developing android app and installing LED and sensor in the bookshelf. 7 LED blocks are equally distributed for each story and covered with acrylic plates for a soft light spread.

Advisor: Prof. Taeil Lee
2014 | Interaction Design
Industrial & Information Design | Korea University