Vine Brothers

Wine branding & packaging design
UX, Product, Service Design
Korea University | 2015
Role: Team Leader

Vine Brothers is a professional wine bar, aiming to provide a better wine experience, especially to people who are new to wine. By offering stylish and witty information graphics about the selected wines, customers can easily choose a wine that matches their individual preferences. Also, the ‘wine tasting system’ and the ‘take-out system’ allow people to enjoy their favorite wine at anytime, anywhere. Through the slide-out mechanism, the bottle and the tasting strip are held in place, while customers can see the label.

iF Design Award

Design Concept

Vine Brothers is based on a modification of an actual cafe that 20's enjoy (Bean Brothers). Brand strategy redesigned as a wine serving scenario, a professional sommelier at Vine Brothers will recommend and sell wine in bottles, glasses, and flasks.


Bottle, Glass (to go), Tasting tube, Glass (for stay)

Design Language


Sliding the item between the slot allows to hold the item in place, as well as to present information.

Polygon Symbol

Each wine is labeled a shape such as circle, hexagon etc. These shapes represent the fullness of wine, depending on how many edges it has. (Circle has light body, Hexagon has comparatively full body)

Bottle to go

Slide in, and take the bottle easily and safely.The protruding label around the bottle not only shows information, but also holds the item in place in a package. It can also be used to lay the bottle still.

Glass to go

Glass to go is for people who wants just one glass of wine and wants to enjoy it somewhere else. The cork lid on the cup also serves as a coaster when enjoying wine.


You never know if you love or hate the wine before opening the whole bottle. People can come and purchase small amount of wine to taste before choosing the right wine. The wooden rack holds the tasting tubes in place with the labels showing.

Glass for stay

Enjoy wine at the bar with the witty coaster that shows information about your wine.


3D Rendered model

Wood working & mock up production

Team: Hyojin Kim
Advisor: Prof. Minsung Kwon
UX, Package Design
2015 | Product Systen Design
Industrial & Information Design | Korea University